Cool New Things Being Added to WordPress 5.3

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Reading through the many pages of WordPress 5.3 tagged pages on the Make Core blog, we’re excited for some new features being added to WordPress core, including:

  • A view password button added to the login page
  • Scaling images over 2560 pixels automatically (no plugin required!) with ways of changing or overriding it. However, the original large size is still stored, so a plugin like Imsanity is still very useful for minimizing overall/total image size.
  • Site Health polishing and improvements to the recovery email
  • Block editor improvements
  • Multisite improvements
  • Developer-specific things like improvements in areas like JSON and REST API, registering new blocks, Backbone update, and more developer changes.
  • Lots of improvements around preparing for PHP 7.4 to be released

WordPress 5.3 Release Candidate 1 has been released (after 3 beta releases) as a code-freeze version to test everything out, and the final release (after rounds of testing and bug fixing) is planned for mid-November 2019.